• Cakes

    After lighting, fireworks batteries shoot a spectacular fireworks show into the sky. Watch fast changes of direction or intense light and sound bouquets.

    Here you can buy battery fireworks manufacturers such as Blackboxx, Lesli and Nico, as well as other fireworks manufacturers from 10 to over 100 shots.

    We wish you a lot of fun at your New Year's Eve party!

  • Showbox

    Compound fireworks are a combination of battery-powered fireworks mounted on a fixed base and already enticed by a fuse.

    Compound fireworks are characterized by a wide range of effects and a long burning time.

    Have fun browsing and especially a nice New Year's Eve!

  • Rockets

    One of the most popular fireworks on New Year's Eve is the rocket. We have a wide range of fireworks rockets with and without bang effect. 

    Here you can find the rocket that suits you the most. Start or finish your New Year's Eve celebration with a rocket!

  • Assortments

    Celebrate New Year's Eve with an impressive assortment of fireworks for the whole family!

    New Year's Eve is the perfect occasion to celebrate with the family and enjoy a grandiose fireworks display. Give your New Year's Eve a special flair and choose from our diverse assortment of fireworks to offer your family an unforgettable spectacle. Whether it's colorful firecrackers or glowing rockets, you're guaranteed to find the right thing to turn the night into a sea of color with us. Take the opportunity to meet the turn of the year with an unforgettable spectacle.

  • Crackers

    Banish evil spirits made easy: New Year's Eve bangers - banger chains, German bangers, the Chinese sales hit firecracker D, but also many special New Year's Eve firecrackers like The King! here you will find everything you really need for New Year's Eve.

    Still not enough? Then check out China firecrackers to canon attack with crackling cloud.

  • Shot tubes

    Shot tubes are a popular choice for spectacular fireworks shows. They produce a single effect, which makes them also known as single shots or shot tubes. They are often used as a special accent in musical fireworks, but they can also be a wonderful addition to occasions like New Year's Eve.

  • Roman candles

    Roman light is one of the classics among fireworks. It is also called Roman candle. After ignition, it shoots colorful flares and various effects one after another from the tube. Almost like a surprise egg for adults, but with even more surprising effect. The tube of Roman Light is filled with an alternating sequence of ever-changing effect pieces, discharge and delay charge, burning sequentially from top to bottom. The tiny luminous spheres rise into the sky, making it glow like colorful planets. Different colored flares and comets are the most common effects.

  • Fountains

    Volcanoes belong to the ground fireworks. This category of fireworks is also called baroque fireworks. In contrast to the high-altitude fireworks, these only develop their effect at a low altitude or directly on the ground. In addition to the volcanoes, the fountains and the Roman lights also belong to the ground fireworks. There is also a difference in the sound. Ground fireworks are mostly quiet fireworks without bangs, that's why most children like them more. The quiet firework is also suitable for pets.

  • Spinners

    Illuminated fireworks are an ideal way to celebrate New Year's Eve with the family. There are many different types of fireworks, including fountains, volcanoes, ground whirls...Each of these types creates a different visual and sound effect that helps make New Year's Eve a memorable experience.

  • Silent effects

    Silent effects make the New Year's Eve fireworks without creating loud bangs. These silent effects are associated with a very bright and colorful beam of light. Quiet fireworks are ideal for families in particular, as they are tolerable for younger children. This form of fireworks is also much more pleasant for animals. Thanks to these silent fireworks pets and wild animals can enjoy the New Year's Eve relaxed.

  • Bengal & smoke items

    Bengal & smoke items offers a wide variety of fireworks products that provide unforgettable moments all year round. Whether at spectacular video shoots, impressive photos or sporting events, our year-round fireworks are a real eye-catcher and ensure an unforgettable experience. Choose from our extensive range of fireworks products and experience a unique spectacle!

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Smoke Tubes, different....

Smoke Tubes,...

Price €10.00

Clear bag of 6 smoke tubes different colors.

Turbo-Wirbel, box of 2 pcs.

Turbo-Wirbel, box of 2...

Price €2.50

The Super-Wirbel rises and rises and rises! 2 pcs in a box.

Extreme, 400 Shots
  • Out-of-Stock

Extreme, 400 Shots

Price €14.00

Rapid Roman candle battery with 400 red and green luminous stars.

Goldvulkan, 300mm

Goldvulkan, 300mm

Price €12.00

High spraying gold volcano with powerful output.

Big Set (27 bag premium...
  • Out-of-Stock

Big Set (27 bag...

Price €50.00

Assortment bag. Contents: 3x Pictor - gold flicker cloud with red star bouquet; 3x Corvus - gold flicker cloud with green star bouquet; 3x Scorpius - gold flicker cloud with yellow star bouquet; 3x Cepheus - yellow coco palm; 3x Apus - silver palm with red flashing stars; 3x Lynx - red coco palm with white flashing stars; 1x Lepus - silver flicker cloud with star bouquet in pink; 1x Fornax - brocade crown with blue and red tips; 1x Lupus - red coco palm with crackling flowers; 1x Centaurus - gold chrysanthemum with blue stars; 1x Taurus - brocade crown with transformation to crackling flowers; 1x Aries - brocade crown; 1x Libra - titanium gold willow with blue star bouquet, 1x Sculptor - gold flicker chrysanthemum; 1x Vela - brocade crown with gold flicker

FAMILIADA Assortment

FAMILIADA Assortment

Price €22.00

6 rockets, 4 pack of different crackers, 2 packs of snap bangers, 1 pc roman candel, 1 pc of flash bangers, 1 pack of crackling balls, 1 pack of spinners, 2 pcs of confetti gun.

Fette Elke Vol.1
  • Out-of-Stock

Fette Elke Vol.1

Price €8.00

90mm shot tube with fat titanium silver tail to large silver palm and blue star bouquet, and 2-tier firepot of Crackling Flowers with blue stars in the lower tier. Firing is from 3 launch tubes simultaneously.

Out of Limits 36 shots

Out of Limits 36 shots

Price €43.00

36 shots, firing in quick succession, with loudly dissecting effect bouquets with countless red stars with silver glitter, yellow stars with green glitter, green stars with gold glitter or silver stars with red glitter, followed by a finale of golden chrysanthemum effects.

Smoke balls, 4-color... Smoke balls, 4-color...

Smoke balls, 4-color...

Price €1.50

Assorted four colors in a bag of 6, diameter approx. 2.5 cm. Color smoke balls produce a dense, colored smoke after lighting on the fuse.

Roman Candles, 15 Shots,...
  • Out-of-Stock

Roman Candles, 15...

Price €2.00

3 Roman candles with 15 colorful flares each.

Lady-Cracker, 400

Lady-Cracker, 400

Price €2.50

10 battery of flash bangers.

Best of Blackboxx-Rockets...
  • Out-of-Stock

Best of...

Price €40.00

Contents: 1x Virgo - red coco palm; 1x Cepheus - yellow coco palm; 1x Apus - silver palm with red flashing stars; 1x Lynx - red coco palm with white flashing stars; 1x Eridanus - coco palm in gold brocade; 2x Taurus - brocade crown with transformation to crackling flowers; 1x Aries - brocade crown; 1x Circinus - gold flicker crown; 1x Sculptor - gold flicker chrysanthemum; 1x Vela- brocade crown with gold flicker; 1x Draco - brocade crown with red stars; 1x Auriga - brocade crown with transformation to purple; 1x Hydrus - red coco palm with silver crackling stars; 1x Lyra - brocade crown with blue stars