Silent effects

Silent effects make the New Year's Eve fireworks without creating loud bangs. These silent effects are associated with a very bright and colorful beam of light. Quiet fireworks are ideal for families in particular, as they are tolerable for younger children. This form of fireworks is also much more pleasant for animals. Thanks to these silent fireworks pets and wild animals can enjoy the New Year's Eve relaxed.

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Flying Fish, 25 Shots Flying Fish, 25 Shots

Flying Fish, 25 Shots

Price €15.00

25 shots, one after the other in alternating sequence with silver tail rising stars followed by transformation to red, green and blue star bouquets with countless silver fish effects swirling around, ending in a finale with a volley of 5 shots.

Elysis, 54 shots

Elysis, 54 shots

Price €55.00

1.Silver crackling comets to red flashing stars in a swarm of silver fish - shot in Z fan.

2.Golden palm tail comets to gold waterfalls with blue tip, combined with red flower shower in blue star bouquet - in Z fan. flicker tail comets to brocade waterfalls with purple tip, combined with green flower rain in blue star bouquet - in 9 fan. comets and brocade tail to gold crackling flowers, combined with red flower rain in blue star bouquet - in 9 fan.


Pure Crossette, 16 Shots Pure Crossette, 16 Shots
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Pure Crossette, 16 Shots

Price €9.50

16 shots, successively rising red, green, gold and silver crossette star bouquets.

Rainbow Colours, 96 Shots Rainbow Colours, 96 Shots

Rainbow Colours, 96 Shots

Price €20.00

96 shot rainbow battery, sequentially quilted in rapid succession and fanned rising red, yellow, green, blue and purple luminous stars.



Price €20.00

Appealing pet friendly light assortment with 22 selected parts.

Feuerfächer Triple Nr.2

Feuerfächer Triple Nr.2

Price €35.00

3-stage firepot fan of gold flashers, green flashing comets and purple glowing stars.

Feuerfächer Hanabi Nr.2

Feuerfächer Hanabi Nr.2

Price €35.00

Fire pot fan with color transformation effect from red to blue to green.

Extreme, 400 Shots
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Extreme, 400 Shots

Price €14.00

Rapid Roman candle battery with 400 red and green luminous stars.

Burning Starlight, 80 Shots Burning Starlight, 80 Shots

Burning Starlight, 80...

Price €15.00

Experience a firework of stars with the Roman light bundle BURNING STARLIGHT!

Look forward to a spectacular bundle of lights with 80 red or green rising luminous stars with subsequent transformation into turning tail comets. With this unique fireworks display, every fireworks show becomes an unforgettable experience.

Stormy Lightning, 25 Effect Stormy Lightning, 25 Effect

Stormy Lightning, 25...

Price €6.00

Stormy Lightning, the great 25-effect cake starts with a brightly spraying fountain of multicolor stars, followed by duet rising crackling columns of yellow-green, aqua-blue or pink comets rising simultaneously.

Rainbow Mountain, 49 Shots Rainbow Mountain, 49 Shots

Rainbow Mountain, 49...

Price €30.00

Light up the sky with a rainbow of fireworks! Experience unique effects and light up the evening sky with the new RAINBOW MOUNTAIN fireworks battery!

This fireworks battery offers a unique color spectacle and reaches a height of up to 40 meters with an effect duration of 25 seconds. The 49 shots are fired in 7 salvos fanned out, bathing the sky with flashing star firepot walls in a sky-starry sea of purple and green glitter. Experience the magic of Rainbow Mountain!

Aurora Australis, 88 Shots Aurora Australis, 88 Shots

Aurora Australis, 88...

Price €76.00

Experience the spectacle of the AURORA AUSTRALIS in your own neighborhood! With this composite fireworks you bring the magic of the southern lights (also called Aurora Australis) directly to your home. Enjoy the colorful spectacle and turn your New Year's Eve party into a unique sea of lights and fireworks!

Compound fireworks with 4 batteries and 88 shots

Phase 1: 20 shot combination of golden flashing firepot salvos and brocade crown bouquets.

Phase 2: 4 fanned salvos with colorful tail comets and white glittering fire pots or colorful dahlia bouquets with white flashing stars.

Phase 3: 20 shots with golden swirls and blue stars or 4-shot salvos with brightly glowing star bouquets.

Phase 4: Finale of 4 salvos with green fire pots and large golden tail comets.