Indoor fireworks

Table fireworks the perfect addition to any birthday, party or New Year's Eve celebration! With table fireworks you can offer your guests an unforgettable experience, where the focus is on fun. Table fireworks are a fun and colorful way to raise the party atmosphere and give your guests a spectacular experience. With a variety of options including colorful lights, glowing stars and popping firecrackers. Table fireworks are safe and harmless, so you don't have to worry about using them for your parties, birthdays or New Year's Eve celebrations.

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Price €1.80

Confetti gun with metallic confetti.

Tablebomb 10cm pack of 4pcs

Tablebomb 10cm pack of...

Price €4.00

4 variants in one bag.

Rumble in the Jungle, Bag... Rumble in the Jungle, Bag...

Rumble in the Jungle,...

Price €3.00

4 table bombs with funny atmosphere filling

Einhorn Party, bag of 4pcs. Einhorn Party, bag of 4pcs.

Einhorn Party, bag of...

Price €3.00

4 table bombs with funny mood filling

Streamers balls colorful,...

Streamers balls...

Price €7.00

Colorful streamers, colorful paper, flame retardant, waterproof.

Streamers balls white, 6 pcs.

Streamers balls white,...

Price €7.00

White streamers, white paper, flame retardant, waterproof.

Birthday fountain Birthday fountain

Birthday fountain

Price €3.00

Happy Birthday! Make a wish! This beautiful and special flower is a great upgrade for your birthday cake or cupcake. Just light it ONCE and after a spraying fountain, the petals unfold with burning candles to the tune of "Happy Birthday".

Party Popper 10cm, 4pcs. in...

Party Popper 10cm,...

Price €4.00

The party popper with wow effect provides the best mood, great fun and good humor! By turning the lower part of the shooter, confetti and streamers are shot up to 4 meters high by means of compressed air.

Silvester-Schuss, box of 5pcs.

Silvester-Schuss, box...

Price €9.50

Imitation of a rocket as a table bomb.

Fireworks fun all year round! These articles may be used all year round.