Roman candles

Roman light is one of the classics among fireworks. It is also called Roman candle. After ignition, it shoots colorful flares and various effects one after another from the tube. Almost like a surprise egg for adults, but with even more surprising effect. The tube of Roman Light is filled with an alternating sequence of ever-changing effect pieces, discharge and delay charge, burning sequentially from top to bottom. The tiny luminous spheres rise into the sky, making it glow like colorful planets. Different colored flares and comets are the most common effects.

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Extreme, 400 Shots
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Extreme, 400 Shots

Price €14.00

Rapid Roman candle battery with 400 red and green luminous stars.

Roman Candles, 15 Shots,...
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Roman Candles, 15...

Price €2.00

3 Roman candles with 15 colorful flares each.

Roman candles, 20 shots,...
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Roman candles, 20...

Price €5.00

10 Roman candles with 20 colorful flares each.

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Price €8.00

Best of Color assortment of 5 different Roman candles in the colors: red, blue, purple, green, orange.



Price €6.00

120 shot fire tube with colorful flares and crackling.

Burning Starlight, 80 Shots Burning Starlight, 80 Shots

Burning Starlight, 80...

Price €15.00

Experience a firework of stars with the Roman light bundle BURNING STARLIGHT!

Look forward to a spectacular bundle of lights with 80 red or green rising luminous stars with subsequent transformation into turning tail comets. With this unique fireworks display, every fireworks show becomes an unforgettable experience.

Northern Lights, 300 Shots Northern Lights, 300 Shots
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Northern Lights, 300...

Price €12.00

High ejecting Roman lights battery with 300 colorful luminous stars.